The Westgate Teachers Fellowship Fund
is pleased to welcome Harwich Public Schools

Expanding Horizons Through Teachers in the


"Just as every lesson in every grade is, one hopes, a practical lesson in good English, so one hopes every lesson is also in its contrived way a lesson in life and the manifold questions that life provokes."

- R.I.W. Westgate in a Headmaster's Letter to Parents at St. Bernard's School August 1969

2014 Awards

Nancy Gifford & Barbara Gula
Rebecca Tobojka, Melissa Brady, Johanna McCulgan, Jamie Vient & Marcy Dugas
Georgie Smith-Fay
Rachel Barnes


2013 Recipient



Rich Houston


American Civil Rights Movement


Cambridge College in Englanc


2012 Recipient


Mary Crowley


Education in Ireland


University of Galway


2011 Recipient


Leslie Travis


High School World Language


University of Strasbourg French Language Program


2010 Recipients
Cherian Armstrong
Rachel Barnes
Mia Caolo
Paula Ferullo
Judy Fratus
Annie Bassett Haven
Elementary School Librarian
Middle School Humanities
Elementary School Special Education
Middle School Grade 6
High School
Special Education
Middle School Grade 6
Level 1 Certification for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
Develop an interactive game
and video documentation of Renaissance Germany
Graduate Course in Education Law and Behaviorial Issues in Behavioral Analysis
Level 1 Certification for the International Baccalaureate Middle School Programme in Curriculum and Instruction
Applied behavior analysis,
mediation and advocacy
Level 1 Certification for the International Baccalaureate Middle School Programme in Curriculum and Instruction


*Pam Groswald, Co-chair
*Michael Westgate, Co-chair
*Jeremy Gingras, Treasurer
Cherian Armstrong
Carla Blanchard
*Jeffrey Dykens
*Pie Friendly
*Diane Nash
Stephanie Rae
*Noel Rebello
*Nancy Simonitsch
*Diana Westgate
*Marie Williams
Scott Carpenter, ex officio
The Purpose of the Westgate Teachers Fellowship Fund is to expand the horizons of tenured teachers in the subject areas in which they have been teaching and intend to teach in the Monomoy Regional School District. Teachers must demonstrate the advantages which their students and the community will receive in order to be granted an award. Grants are used primarily for graduate level studies, often at foreign universities, and occasionally for independent studies.
In August 1988, at the suggestion of friends of Dr. R.I.W. Westgate, the Chatham School Committee established the Fund in his memory. He retired in Chatham after a career as a life long teacher and headmaster. He served on the Chatham School Committee for 12 years. While on the committee he was responsible for instituting a foundation-funded program to provide grants to Chatham school teachers for summer study programs. Under his sponsorship, six teachers engaged in university programs in Salamanca, Cambridge, Oxford, Coventry, and Oklahoma University.
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Ongoing donations from full time and summer Chatham residents, serving to support and strengthen Chatham's and Harwich's teachers, have built up the principal to $125,345 today, in a special fund maintained by the Treasurer of the Town of Chatham. All contributions are tax deductible. Grants are made from the interest earned. Each year, the Advisory Committee reviews requests and recommends specific awards to the Chatham School Committee. Since the start of the program, from interest earned, they have made over $125,000 in Westgate grants to over 60 Chatham teachers. These grants have helped pay for teachers advancing their own education in 14 countries and 10 states. Check out the Superintendent's Letter to see what you can do to help your community grow.

In 2010, the Westgate Committee voted to expand its scope to include all tenured teachers in the new Monomoy Regional School District. Leadership in Harwich is stepping forward with the goal of raising funds which will enable us to make triple the number of grants to teachers.

Checks are deposited into The Westgate Fund, previously held by the Chatham Town Treasurer and now to be administered by the Treasurer of the Monomoy Regional School District. Donations are tax-deductible.